view from Crows'Cliffs


Via Dinarica BH-W-08 Neretva and Rakitnica Canyon to Lukomir village

lipnja 28, 2022 · Community
Hiked the whole section in one day and it was tough! We walked from our campsite at the lake and took 14.5 hours (including about 90 mins worth of breaks). Advise you to carry as much water as you can, especially if its a hot day, me and my partner both drank over 5 litres each! Regarding technical difficulty - Im afraid of heights and found this section to be fine, the section on the ridge of Cepa isnt so bad (potentially feels less exposed on summer when the trees have lots of leaves on), there are two 3 metre sections with cables to assist where it is a little steeper, but I felt fine walking along the ridge. After this section the path gets much easier and less exposed for the whole route. We took a shortcut to the lake rather than ascending up to crow cliff as it was too hot and we wanted to make it to Lukomir by the end of the day. Just stay on the gravel road rather than turning right up the hill and it eventually joins back up at Blace lake. Finding the spring just before Crow cliff was challenging but we persisted and managed to refil our bottles (did require some climbing into the well, but definitely worth it in 30° weather). When you see the Voda sign (painted on a rock) head up the hill at 2 o'clock angle and you'll eventually see it (there are trail markers leading to it). Its a long day all the way to Lukomir but the thought of a shower and sleep in a guesthouse was worth it!

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