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Via Dinarica BH-W-08 Neretva and Rakitnica Canyon to Lukomir village

lipnja 28, 2022 · Community
Found this stage beautiful but difficult, took 14 hours from boracko lake with breaks - try to get a lift in the morning to avoid road walking. Make sure to bring enough water. Spring before Vranske stijene hard to find but it is there, follow the trail markers (roughly:: 43°35'52.9"N 18°04'05.3"E). Had water on 27.06 but had to climb into the cave thing to get it - a lot easier than it sounds. I wouldn't rely on blace lake for water refill (lots of algae/pondweed). Got accomdation at Lukomir very easily (didn't book).


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lipnja 30, 2022 · Community
Big kisses to you! I was there today, couldn’t find it, had a quick Google and found your coordinates - and then I found the spring. You are definitely more agile than me - getting in the spring was easy - getting out required a stomach slither. Less than 20cm of water in a small puddle in the spring. for future walkers not count on it for the foreseeable (30/6/22)
Harry Brown
lipnja 30, 2022 · Community
Haha glad I could help, I was pretty desperate when I was looking - good point on the water levels, you're right it might not last much longer this season!
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