Konji na Prijevoru


Via Dinarica BH-W-12 Donje Bare via Suha and Prijevor to Trnovačko Lake

srpnja 06, 2022 · Community
We hitched from our hotel (see prev post) to the parking at Suha, having got a lift from Donje Bare the next day, so can’t comment on the first 9km. Beautiful beautiful stage! Hike up to Prijevor is almost entirely in woodland on a really great, not overgrown path - so don’t worry about doing it in the heat of the day. Stunning views from Prijevor, you could camp there for sure but lots of vans in the car park. We continued to Trnovačko and camped there - great place although busy and bit noisy with lots of other people. We paid 12KM to the man for park entry and camping 2 people. Writes down your passport details but nothing more. People we getting food and beers, they’ve got quite a set up here! Water at both Prijevor and Trnovačko. Lake lovely for a swim!

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