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Via Dinarica HR-W-15 Južni Velebit II - do Stapa

kolovoza 01, 2022 · Community
If I were to do this section again I would defiantly miss out Jelova Ruja. There really isn't anything to see and a big 'dog leg' down a gravel road, then back up through some tricky steep forest terrain. Jelova Ruja itself is just a ruined single story building. Save time, your feet and your sanity and follow alterative route via Panos! Didn't camp at Stap but the water there is AMAZING and fresh. Camped just before plane towards next water stop at church (marked on next stage). Saw plenty of different snakes and reptiles so just keep your eyes peeled when moving over grassy or on the tops, rocky terrain.
Gotovo u srpnja 19, 2022

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