Via Dinarica Montenegro - Komovi to Vermosh

kolovoza 06, 2021 · Community
Beautiful stage in nature park Komovi, exept a descent to Albania (mentioned in previous comments). For me, going south was ok, but I can imagine it's a nightmare going north. So I recommend to NoBo hikers taking Eva's alternative or check freshly painted signs in Vermosh, we saw the first one at 26,8km, maybe they lead in the right direction, because some locals in a shelter Carine told us there is a marked path from there to Albania. First 4km is asfalt road, you pay 1€ entrance fee. We ate in a restaurant at 4km, but we weren't really satisfied neither with food or service. Not a lot of options to choose between. Slept in a parking lot, asked in restaurant. Sources around restaurant were dry because it didn't rain for so long, so we asked for water in a restaurant. They need to bring it from the valley and said that is not drinkable, so we put pills in it. Unfortunatelly, because of bad weather and very strong wind we needed to skip Kom Kučki.😞 Shelter Carine in nice and really authentic. There is a good water source few houndred meters from it, by the road. Because of previous comments we decided to take the trail on the map and not the gps tracks (on photo with purple), but I guess it wasn't a big improvement, because trail was visible just on few parts. There is a spring at the beginning of this trail. In Vermosh is a really really small shop, just some snacks and drinks. It's in the building on the picture, right next to it is a bar with good wifi. We stayed in a cabin at guesthouse Peraj, but we didn't enjoy as we thought we will (several problems with electricity and wifi, staff was sometimes really nice and sometimes totally opposide, we found them really not fair, for example they offered coffe with breakfast to other couple but not to us, breakfast was 5€ per person for us, but 10€ per person for a german guy, but at least breakfast was good, dinner 15€ for two which was quite good, just one option). Many signs for guesthouses after Peraj.
Gotovo u kolovoza 05, 2021
Fotografija: Maruša Orel, Community
Fotografija: Maruša Orel, Community

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