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Via Dinarica White Trail

rujna 16, 2021 · Community
I’ve noticed that a lot of the reviews are done by thru hikers which is great but if you’re looking to spend a week to 10 days on the Via Dinarica and don’t want to carry all your camping gear then I can definitely recommend hiking from Lake Blidinje to Umoljani staying in a combination of Mountain Huts and towns. Along the way I crossed the Cvirnisca and the Prenj Mountains. Had a swim in Lake Boracko and visited the mountain village of Lukomir. So many highlights in just one week! I was able to use taxis from bigger towns to connect to my start and finish points. Hiking without camping gear did commit me to some pretty long hiking days across difficult terrain so probably not for the inexperienced. My over night stops were Plasa Hut (Vilinac is better located but was closed), Jablanica, Meduprenje Hut, Rujiste, Lake Boracko and Lukomir before finishing in Umoljani. While camping gets you closer to nature being able to stay in accommodation meant I was able to meet some really interesting locals and was able to enjoy a hot meal and hot shower on most nights. I spent a lot of time planning this trip but really pleased how it all worked out. The Via Dinarica is not just for the Svens and Eva’s but with a bit of logistical planning can be a great walk for middle aged full time workers with kids. 🤪
Middle aged man in Prenj
Middle aged man in Prenj
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