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BOSNIA & HERZEGOVINA | MY Via Dinarica Green Trail

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  • Fotografija: EVA dinarica, EVAdinarica Project

This is my version or my interpretation of the Via Dinarica Green Trail in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It connects many natural and cultural sights and places which hopefully will be on the future Via Dinarica Green Trail. Questions? @evadinaricaproject

Udaljenost 986,6 km
330:09 sata
31.409 m
30.279 m
1.803 m
209 m

I tried to connect hiking trails, trailrun tracks, National Parks, interesting sights, natural and cultural highlights in Bosnia and Herzegovian. Some parts of the route I hiked can be done by bike as well. At the time hiked it, there wasn't much information available. I created the route along the way, tried to find the best hikable route, but there are some asphalt, macadam, dirt and forest road sections here and there. Also, there are many alternatives, I believe I could hike another month or two or three exploring.

It's an real interesting region. Unlike the White Trail, the Green Trail isn't a mountain trek pur sang. It does lead you through the Dinaric Alps, but through the lower parts. It definetely is Green and absolutely stunning. Lisac and Vlašić are my favorite, LOVE those mountains!

For this Via Dinarica Green Trail tour on Outdooractive I changed a few sections, because I found some better alternatives afterwards. I'll probably keep on improving and editting the route, suggestions and comments are more than welcome! 

I also uploaded the day stages seperately. Here you find the original track I hiked. Here's the complete list with day stages: EVA's Via Dinarica Green Trail.

For trailnotes, updates, route reflectionsstories musings check out my blog.

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  • In case you'd like to stay in mountain huts, do call ahead, because they're usually not open unless it's weekend.
  • If you're planning to hike this trail, do your research, because there are plenty of options to improve my route.
Profilna slika EVA dinarica
EVA dinarica
Ažurirano:: svibnja 28, 2019
Najviša točka
1.803 m
Najniža točka
209 m
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Vukov Konak
Restaurant Bijambare
Zelenkovac Eco Zone / Village
Lasina koliba
River Dock
Spomenko's bar
Stari grad Jajce
Restoran Buk
Seoski turizam Ziličina Rogatica
Hotel and Restoran LevelUP
Mountain lodge Jure Franko
Rajska Vrata
Restaurant Upper Pale
caffe bar restaurant rooms

Sigurnosne informacije

Note that there are many straydogs in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Especially near Bihać, Una NP and the bigger towns this was not a comfortable situation. I suggest to bring a dazer (NOT a taser!) to keep the dogs away without hurting them.

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 Stories on my blog:


Bihać (border) (343 m)
44.875176, 15.763822
44°52'30.6"N 15°45'49.8"E
33T 560331 4969368


Višegrad (border)

Detaljne upute


44.875176, 15.763822
44°52'30.6"N 15°45'49.8"E
33T 560331 4969368
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GPS for sure, also as long as there is no official Via Dinarica Green Trail it could be good to use other navigation apps like MAPS.ME and Wikiloc as well to find the most scenic hiking route. 

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footsteps and a tent
kolovoza 21, 2021 · Community
After 5 weeks on this beautiful trail through BiH we reached Sarajevo. It is hard to capture all the memorable encounters, views and experience in such a short review. What we can say though is that this trail brought us through small villages, green forests, open fields and semi high mountains. It took us to some beautiful waterfalls, old cities and lovely mountainhuts. But not the least, we met so many wonderful people, which coloured our hike beautifully. All in all a very special trail. Thanks to Eva for putting all the information online! Now some practical remarks; NOTES: - There are still landmines in BiH. We would recommend getting the BHMAC app or check for the maps here: - For the first part of this trail, till Gornji Ribnik, there are a lot of asphalt roads. We tried to find alternatives, but did not always succeed. We would suggest to focus most of your energy on this first part to find alternatives. - We did not have any problems with stray dogs. They are there and will bark, but if you just walk on it should be fine. - OSM is rather limited in BiH. So if you want to find alternatives, we would suggest getting paper maps. Eva did some suggestions here: - The route down from Tvrtkovac is non existing. Eva added a waypoint ‘do not follow me’, however it is a bit late (we found out the hard way). The right turn is probably here: 44,29129, 18,08147 ( 44°17′28.64″N 18°04′53.29″E ). - As it is not possible to add waypoint to the route in OA, we added POI (such as waterpoints, rest areas etc) directly in OSM (through ALTERNATIVES: - From Vrs Krh Zvijezda (after Vares) the route seems to go through a mine suspected area. As we wanted to take a shortcut anyway, we went down to Zubeta - Nisici - Dusevine (back on track). This is not a recommendable alternative, it was rather because of practical considerations. - From the Croatian border to Una NP there is a lot of road walking. We did not find a satisfying alternative, but it is a bit better we think. Look for: ‘ Croatian border - entrance Una NP alternative EVA’S Via Dinarica Green Trail ‘ - ‘ Martin Brod - Dvrar alternative EVA’S Via Dinarica Green Trail ‘. Good alternative to avoid road walking and add an extra store along the trail. - ‘ Dvrar - Potoci alternative EVA’S Via Dinarica Green Trail’ . Getting back to the trail. Nice way up and then through forests. - ‘ Potoci - Ribnik alternative EVA’S Via Dinarica Green Trail ‘. Eva proposed a short cut for this part (‘ Short cut Potoci - Vucija Poljana ‘), but we would not recommend that one (it adds a lot of km’s and follows a rather boring road). Our alternatives follows the quiet car road, which is not ideal, but at least shorter. PRACTICALITIES: Food: Izacic, Bihac, Kulen Vakuf, Dvrar, Gornji Ribnik, Jajce, Han Bila, Zenica (off route), Vares, Gajevi, Sarajevo Water: No problem most of the times, just ask at the houses. Long stretches without water are; Ripac - Strbacki buk (20km), 4 km after Dvar just before you go up (houses) - Potoci. Sleeping: most of the times we did gardencamps. There were also some wildcamps, mounainhuts and other accomodation. Usually there are several options along the trail.
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Gotovo u kolovoza 15, 2021
The official Via Dinarica Green Trail (there are several of these signs along the trail)
Fotografija: footsteps and a tent, Community
Fotografija: footsteps and a tent, Community
Fotografija: footsteps and a tent, Community

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986,6 km
330:09 sata
31.409 m
30.279 m
Najviša točka
1.803 m
Najniža točka
209 m
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