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Via Dinarica BH-W-06 Prenj Mountain

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  • Fotografija: Elma Okić, Via Dinarica
This is an epic hike over one of the most attractive mountains in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Prenj is an adventure including ascents to high peaks and amazing karst scenery.


Udaljenost 36 km
16:12 sata
2.929 m
2.061 m
2.155 m
192 m
This trail crosses Prenj from West to South. 

This trail crosses Prenj from West to South. From the city of Jablanica, pass over local hills to the village of Ravna and follow the trail ending on an exposed ridge with great views on Cetina rock face – more than 1000 m high. It continues to a green mountain pass Medjuprenje where there are two mountain huts (one is always open). It continues towards Lucine valley, but turns East over Zakantar, a huge karst plateau and a natural habitat of the endemic Prenj salamander (seen only during the night and rainy weather). Zakantar will end below the amazing Tisovica valley which ends on the slopes of Prenj's highest peaks – Zelena Glava. Half an hour from Tisovica there is another mountain hut called Vrutak. The trail leads across Zelena Glava ( 2155m) and Otis summit ( 2093m), and continues to another valley and further to Bijele Vode ( White waters) where you will find another mountain hut and an old shepherd hut (Katun) which serves as a shelter. From BIjele Vode, the trail descends down towards Ruiste settlement and recreation area. Ruiste is a popular destination for Mostar citizens. There you will find two other mountain lodges, a hotel and a small ski center. From here you can get a lift to Mostar, call a taxi or continue towards Boracko lake.

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Contact local guides for a great experience. There are many places along the trail worth seeing.
Profilna slika Via Dinarica BiH
Via Dinarica BiH
Ažurirano:: travnja 18, 2018
mogućnost / potencijal rizika
Najviša točka
Zelena Glava, 2.155 m
Najniža točka
Jablanica, 192 m
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Mountain lodge “Adnan Krilić”, Bijele Vode Prenj
Mountain Lodge Rujište

Sigurnosne informacije

Some areas of Prenj are still suspected of landmines. This trail is safe; however, it crosses one suspected area of 500 m in length after leaving the road (over the meadow). The trail (and around it) is clear and safe, but you should not wonder around behind the marking signs. If you don't feel comfortable with this, stay on the road until you join the trail again.

Also there are a couple of other places (Zakantar spring and close by Vrutak hut) where landmines are suspected, but the area is cearly marked. Just respect these signs!

Watch for snakes and mind your steps because the terrain is very rocky. 

Waether on Prenj is quite unpredictable. It is not uncommon that it snows during the summer and the temperature drops below zero.

121 - Call for Rescue. Also note that part of the mountain are not covered with mobile phone signal.

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Jablanica city, after the Bridge on Neretva (191 m)
43.652450, 17.765087
43°39'08.8"N 17°45'54.3"E
33T 722982 4836988



Detaljne upute

Cross the road in Ravna and look for the trail signs leading up to the woods. After joining the trail going to Cetina from Medjuprenje, turn left to take a break at the huts or continue towards Cetina and Greda to the left. On Greda (pass) go right. You'll find a spring at the bottom of the scree slope to the right beneath a rock when descending down towards Lucine. Past the newly built shelter in Lucine, turn left (east). At the next crossing towards Lupoglav summit, you remain on the trail (left, straight). Before the main crossing in Tisovica (you can see signage pole from distance) you'll join a trail going towards Vrutak, so go right there. The trail climbs up to Podotis and close to its highest point there is a crossing where you should go right. The trail to Zelena Glava and Otis will climb to the right and return the same way. If you don't want to climb Zelena Glava, continue straight (south). Keep straight all the way to Bijele Vode and beyond. After a couple kilometers on the old truck road in the woods you can turn to the left over a small meadow, but you can remain on the road as well as it will lead you to the same point. At the ruin look for trail blazings again, and follow it all the way to Ruiste. When you reach the main road again go left. 

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Several bus lines go through Jablanica to Mostar and Sarajevo direction.

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From the centre of Jablanica walk over the bridge and through the tunnel. The trail starts on the left side after the small bridge. 


At the trailhead or in Jablanica city.


43.652450, 17.765087
43°39'08.8"N 17°45'54.3"E
33T 722982 4836988
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Good boots are a must. Protect yourself from the sun. Though many people drink regularly from the Prenj springs, the usage of water filters on small springs is recommended. 

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Thibault Faraüs 
studenoga 08, 2022 · Community
Wonderful stage in Prenj mountain, did not meet anyone in 48 hours. I was planning to sleep in Lucine shelter but it was very severely damaged because of a recent wildfire, so I pitched the tent next to it.
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Gotovo u rujna 06, 2022
Wouter Beliën
listopada 15, 2022 · Community
Great section, 3 days of pristine nature, having the feeling to be alone at the world. The trail from Jablanica to Ravna was not too much overgrown, so manageable. At some point, the markings brought me to a dead point. I had to return my steps and found a better alternative path, which led me easily to Ravna. GPX @
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Gotovo u lipnja 23, 2022
Harry Brown
lipnja 28, 2022 · Community
Amazing section. Trail markings are really clear, they look freshly painted. As below, becareful just before Vrutak hut, make sure to follow trail markings not the GPS (minefield) - really easy to follow markings. We got a lift from Jablanica to Glogosnica and camped here above the church. The Meduprenje mountain hut manager (Naid) told us about a different route up from there - was 5 miles of 4x4 track and 1 mile of steep accent through the forest (easy but hard work, took 4.5 hours, recommend this route and it has trail markings too). Both meduprenje and the other hut had water available (key required for meduprenje hut).
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36 km
16:12 sata
2.929 m
2.061 m
Najviša točka
2.155 m
Najniža točka
192 m
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