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Via Dinarica White Trail

Long Distance Hiking
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1260.8 km
528:27 h
51815 m
51729 m
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This is the main trail along the entire length of the Via Dinarica that follows the natural flow of the highest peaks of the Dinaric Alps. The White Trail includes all of the highest peaks in each respective country. Although there are a plethora of activities along this head trail, such as mountain biking and rafting, it’s main function is as a hiking trail.

Be patient, stage tour descriptions are coming soon!

Author’s recommendation

This is the adventure of a life time, but get yourself prepared well in advance: Via Dinarica is more than a trail, and diversity is its second name ;-)
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2694 m
188 m
Highest point
Maja Jezerces (2694 m)
Lowest point
Predjama system (188 m)
Best time of year

Rest Stop

Quku i Valbones : Rilindja Alpine Rooms
Rilindja Restaurant
Mountain lodge Schlosserov dom
Eco-Village Grabovica
Guesthouse Umoljani
Villa Sunce
Hotel Moskva
Oko Treskavice Household
Salon and restaurant Lovre
Mountain Hut Umoljani
Caffe bar Bukovica
Mountain lodge Vrela, Tušila
Caffe Fresh
Putnik Bakery
Caffe Narona
Ljetna bašta Restaurant
Household and Campsite Mesic
B&B Simovića kuće
Grocery Store Flora
Grocery Store Nina
B&B at Lalovic family
Lalovic Campsite
Umoljani Village Hut
Dragon Hut
Pizzeria Omolje
Motel Snježna kuća
Herzegovina Lodges
Ljetna bašta Restaurant
Hitko Rafting Neretva
Ban Vir Etno Village
Simoni caffe
Katun Stavna
Eco katun Vranjak
Mountain hut Džambas
Guesthouse Nedajno
Mountain house Natura AS
Kafe Zef Deda Gjela
Bar kafe Rragami
Mini shop
Dede Kola
Cafe bar Relax
Gusinjska Kula
Bar for Komovi Fans
Mini Market
Kafana Krčma Trešnjevik
Bar Urosev

Safety information

Note that some areas in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina are still suspected to be contaminated with landmines and unexploded ordnances from the last war. Check the stage trail descriptions for more information!


Standard hiking equipment, also sleeping bag and mattress might be needed at some stages. Check the stage trail descriptions for more information! 


Predjamski Grad, Postojna, SLO (537 m)
45.815404 N 14.133022 E
33T 432645 5073903


Valbona, ALB

Turn-by-turn directions

  1. Via Dinarica Slovenija Postojna via Snežnik to Prezid (ID 17236133)
  2. Via Dinarica HR-W-01 Prezid - Čabar - Tršće (ID 15085364)
  3. Via Dinarica HR-W-02 Tršće - Sveta gora - izvor Kupe - Crni Lug (ID 15948208)
  4. Via Dinarica HR-W-03 Nacionalni park Risnjak (ID 15948304)
  5. Via Dinarica HR-W-04 Gornje Jelenje - Fužine (ID 15948472)
  6. Via Dinarica HR-W-05 Fužine - Mrkopalj (ID 15948550)
  7. Via Dinarica HR-W-06 Strogi rezervat Bijele i Samarske stijene (ID 15948691)
  8. Via Dinarica HR-W-07 Kapelskim planinarskim putom prema moru (ID 15957187)
  9. Via Dinarica HR-W-08 Spojni put Kapela - Velebit (ID 15957274)
  10. Via Dinarica HR-W-09 Senjsko bilo (ID 15957323)
  11. Via Dinarica HR-W-10 Nacionalni park Sjeverni Velebit I - Zavižan (ID 15957422)
  12. Via Dinarica HR-W-11 Nacionalni park Sjeverni Velebit II - Rožanski kukovi (ID 15957577)
  13. Via Dinarica HR-W-12 Od Alana u srednji Velebit (ID 15957706)
  14. Via Dinarica HR-W-13 Dabri i Dabarski kukovi (ID 15957781)
  15. Via Dinarica HR-W-14 Južni Velebit I - do Šugarske dulibe (ID 15966510)
  16. Via Dinarica HR-W-15 Južni Velebit II - do Stapa (ID 15966597)
  17. Via Dinarica HR-W-16 Južni Velebit III - do Struga (ID 15966765)
  18. Via Dinarica HR-W-17 Nacionalni park Paklenica (ID 15966852)
  19. Via Dinarica HR-W-18 Južni Velebit IV - Tulove grede (ID 15966982)
  20. Via Dinarica HR-W-19 Crnopac (ID 15967087)
  21. Via Dinarica HR-W-20 Gračac - Zrmanja - Krka (ID 15967183)
  22. Via Dinarica HR-W-22 Od Knina do Brezovca (ID 15967323)
  23. Via Dinarica HR-W-23 Put preko vrha Dinare (Brezovac - Dinara - Cetina) (ID 16008868)
  24. Via Dinarica HR-W-24 Spoj na livanjsku varijantu Bijele linije Via Dinarice (ID 16008920)
  25. Via Dinarica HR-W-26 Izvor Cetine - Peruča - Sinjsko polje (ID 16009036)
  26. Via Dinarica HR-W-27 Staza Gospi Sinjskoj (ID 16291930)
  27. Via Dinarica BH-W-01 Our Lady of Sinj Route (ID 17224574)
  28. Via Dinarica BH-W-02 via Grabovička planina to Bukovica and Duvanjsko polje (ID 16347579)
  29. Via Dinarica BH-W-03 Lib and Svinjar (ID 17302882)
  30. Via Dinarica BH-W-04 Vran Mountain and Blidinje Lake (ID 17302916)
  31. Via Dinarica BH-W-05 Čvrsnica mountain and Jablanica city (ID 17302945)
  32. Via Dinarica BH-W-06 Prenj Mountain (ID 17302956)
  33. Via Dinarica BH-W-07 Ruište and Boračko lake (ID 17302961)
  34. Via Dinarica BH-W-08 Neretva and Rakitnica Canyon to Lukomir village (ID 17302968)
  35. Via Dinarica BH-W-09 Visočica mountain to Ljuta (ID 17302987)
  36. Via Dinarica BH-W-10 around Treskavica Mountain to Kalinovik City (ID 17302995)
  37. Via Dinarica BH-W-11 via Lelija and Zelengora Mountain to Sutjeska National Park (ID 17303001)
  38. Via Dinarica BH-W-12 Donje Bare via Suha and Prijevor to Trnovačko Lake (ID 17303012)
  39. Via Dinarica BH/CG-W-01 Maglić to Pivska mounatin via Piva Canyon (ID 17303034)
  40. Via Dinarica CG-W-02 Durmitor Mountain (ID 17303054)
  41. Mountains of Montenegro - Žabljak via Sinjavina to Biogradska gora (ID 17303095)
  42. Mountains of Montenegro - Biogradska Gora via Bjelasica to Komovi (ID 17303171)
  43. Via Dinarica Montenegro - Komovi to Vermosh (ID 17303184)
  44. Vermosh to Gusinje (ID 17303195)
  45. Via Dinarica Prokletije - Bjeshket e Nemuna via Maja Jezerce to Theth (ID 17303206)
  46. Via Dinarica Albania - Bjeshket e Nemuna, Tethe to Valbona (ID 17303220)

Public transport

There are public transport accesses to trailheads of some stages. Check descriptions of the stages for details.

Getting there

Check descriptions of the stages for details.


Arrival by train, car, foot or bike

Book recommendation by the author

Check the stage tour descriptions!

Author’s map recommendations

Check the stage tour descriptions!
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Updated: 2017-11-07

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Paolo Toscano
Ho percorso un tratto della via Dinarica, da Postumia a Mrkpalj, dal 31 maggio all' 8 giugno 2018. Confermo quanto scritto nei post precedenti da Dieter Mortelmans e Oueb Master.
Done at

Dieter Mortelmans
Since it's a young trail there is still lots of work to make it accessible for everyday hikers. Right now you need a gps and be prepared for lot's of bushwhacking. That said it's a beautiful trail and very manageable with some basic preparation and gear. We did a north-south hike of 14 days and stayed mostly in huts (empty or managed ones). If you read previous trail notes you will get lots of useful information to assist you with nice camping spots, water availability (you need a filter!) and so on..
Done at

Oueb Master
Markings are often totally absent. Also, the red and white dot mark is shared with just about every hiking paths around so it sometimes leads to confusion. Quite often the signs lead to un-maintained paths. Be prepared to loose a substantial time just finding your way. The available gpx track does not always follow the existing marks (when there are some). And on top of it the weather can be dire. Be ready for tons of headwinds, and not always windy, those. And lastly, very few people actually know the existence of this path (may be it only exists on the Internet and not in real life?). So help and directions from locals can only be scarce at best.

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