Via Dinarica Albania - Bjeshket e Nemuna, Tethe to Valbona


Elizabeth Kinevey-Gump

септембар 15, 2019 · Community
Good trail all the way through this stage. We were completing our thruhike southbound, so the end of this track was our finish line. It either ends on the road in front of a lodge/restaurant (by some dumpsters, haha), or it ends in the creek in a campground next to the lodge. There’s no sign or markings that we could find. A bit anticlimactic and underwhelming for a finish, so I would suggest going down the little trail by the river with start and end points here: 42.46151, 19.91928 and here: 42.46087, 19.92230. It’s a gorgeous little walk with plenty of spots to sit by beautiful ice blue pools and contemplate your hike. :) Then the lodge/ restaurant at the end is fantastic, really kind and helpful folks!!

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