Via Dinarica Albania - Bjeshket e Nemuna, Tethe to Valbona

август 14, 2021 · Community
Beautiful hike up on Qafa Valbones, exept the end which is terrible. I don't understand what is the point hiking out of Valbona on the road to a specific restaurant and place to sleep? You can camp in a tent here (at the end) for 5€ pp (not really good tent spots, they have rooms as well) and food was good, but I felt like it's a little bit too fancy for me. Many people came for dinner dressed nice, but I felt more like staying in some simple local guesthouse. Would be much better if the trail would end in Valbona, where you can decide where to sleep and stay overnight. There is a bar and camp place around 4,5km that's not on the map. There is water as well. At aprox 8,8km you have two options for a trail, if you don't take VDT you pass by some gueshouses that offer food as well. At aprox 9,7km it joins VDT.
Готово у август 10, 2021

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