Vran summit


Via Dinarica BH-W-04 Vran Mountain and Blidinje Lake

јул 06, 2021 · Community
Place where you can stay in Omrčanica, that's mentioned in comments, doesn't exist anymore. Really nice hike on a ridge of Vran mountain. Trail signes are good. Still some snow, if you run out of water. I decided to go on Veliki Vran as well. For descent I took a trail that goes back a little bit in the way to Vran (signed really good). From Hajdučke Vrleti to lake is 5km long, boring, never ending walk by the road that made me wondering if Veliki Vran and food at restaurant were worth it.😅 I called the number for hut Blidinje and owner told me that it's usually opened on weekends and during the week for groups. But definitely call ahead to make sure they are opened. He said that is the same with two huts on the next stage. He was really kind and left me a key so I could sleep inside (one of his relatives drove by, because he lives far from here). 😍
Готово у јул 06, 2021
Фотографија: Maruša Orel, Community

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