Via Dinarica BH-W-10 around Treskavica Mountain to Kalinovik City

јул 06, 2022 · Community
Days like today make me hate this trail honestly 😅😅 Loads of flies but also several water fountains up the road to the Lukavac turning - you wouldn’t need to carry more than 1L until this point. Look on, I think they’re all on there. Easy walking up a road. A few people have mentioned here but indeed be careful coming off Lukavac and down past Orlov kuk - we followed the track and then came upon clear trail markings which differed to the GPS but we followed them. Historically the markings have been better, but not this time! Took us down a totally different way into a forest on a nice path which was fine (although hot) until the markings completely disappeared in the forest, and we weren’t even on a trail on We just carried on going on v muddy paths and came out just below Viaholje. We then had to go back north to stay at Simovića Kuce household which we LOVED (for more info see my review on there). Next day is an easy road to Kalinovik, a slightly odd town with a couple of shops and unfriendly people. As stated before not great food for hikers - no noodles for example - but enough to get you through. Also a small pharmacy. Water both in Kalinovik and Lalović family, who let us use their tap even though we didn’t stay.

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