View from Bregoč peak


Via Dinarica BH-W-10 via Lelija and Zelengora Mountain to Sutjeska National Park

јул 06, 2022 · Community
Beautiful stage - great to be back in the mountains - but challenging terrain in parts. Also so many flies 24/7 which drove us mad. Good wild camping opportunities around Golija (we slept there) but make sure to fill water at Jablan Vrelo (spring before Velika Lelija) as we looked really hard for the spring after (Jović vrelo) but couldn’t find it. Rough terrain to Štrinkso jezero which was more swamp than lake - not suitable for swimming, but we got in to thigh high and splashed about. Orlovačko jezero good for swimming and a spring just above it that’s not in the guide. We were a bit confused about the camping situation - a local told us you couldn’t camp by the lake itself but instead just above the woods, and a worker would come and take 10KM each. Few locals with cars camping there, not super nice ground, we camped there (v tired haha) but no one charged us thankfully. Path up to Bregoč is great quality, but worst fly forest of the trek so far going up to Uglješin. Waymarking also pretty much disappears. We had the place entirely to ourselves though which was incredible. We contemplated doing the ridge round but it looks v steep so we stuck to the trail. Don’t think you can swim in Gornje Bare but we did in Donje Bare although it felt a bit swampy. From memory no water between Orlovačko and Donje Bare - we carried 4L. We got a lift down to the road from some people we met and hitchhiked to Foča to resupply - ATMs and lots of shops. We stayed in Motel Bavaria for 23€ b&b 2 people and got a good nights sleep!

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