Konji na Prijevoru


Via Dinarica BH-W-12 Donje Bare via Suha and Prijevor to Trnovačko Lake

јул 21, 2021 · Community
The "shortcut" from Prijevor up to Maglic is really challenging, it's more a climb than a hike! ~3h in rainy and stormy conditions,haha. Like Lenka said in a previous comment some skills are very useful up there, especially when your solo. To descent from Maglic on this route with a big bag pack requires some suicidal tendencies. But the whole Park is just incredible, really old forests and great panoramic views.

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Amila Meškin
јул 29, 2021 · Community
Hi Maxo. Did you announce crossing the BH-Montenegro border to any officials? If so, how did you do it? I see that you continued your route towards Montenegro, what I am planning to do as well. What worries me is potential troubles when leaving Montenegro via official border control once I am done with the hike. Thanks!
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