Via Dinarica HR-W-01 Prezid - Čabar - Tršće


Tom Rnge

јул 23, 2021 · Community
A lot of parts of the Via Dinarica in this area are completely devastated cause of a Ice Storm 2014, especially the valley after Goraci and the way to Sveta Gora and the following ascent to Hrib. You should avoid this part if your are not keen for bushwhacking and tree climbing, because in this parts the trail is almost completely vanished and it can be hard to find the right path. The way is partly pretty dangerous, especially the Valley after Goraci. You should follow the riverbed there, as mentioned earlier here in one of the reviews. On the other side the people in this area are unbelievable helpful and the nature is stunning. We stayed at Robinzinkis Campsite and the owner Mladen helped us with everything we could ask for.

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