Via Dinarica Montenegro - Komovi to Vermosh

новембар 08, 2022 · Community
Komovi peaks are gorgeous, especially with autumn colours! To me, definitely one of the highlights of Montenegro. Last sections of Komčki Kuk are quite challenging, steep and exposed, although manageable to hike the peak while being afraid of heights. Slept in Carine hut which is simple but does the job (and no dormouse!). On the way down to Vermosh, I followed Maruša's advice (see her picture) then tried to stick to the GPS track. A bit of improvisation/imagination needed to go down the forest, but does not take too long. When you reach the confluence of two creeks, cross the major one on the left: you will end up on an old and overgrown path that, after some turns, crosses the creek again and make its way to Vermosh.
Готово у октобар 02, 2022

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